Lost Girl S4 (Warning: Contains Spoilers) & Predictions of S5

8 Apr

Lost Girl Season 4 has finally ended in the US. I stumbled upon some Canadian spoilers about 4 weeks before the finale and found them pretty upsetting. So just a warning to those UK fans, don’t read this blog post if you don’t want any spoilers.

Lost Girl

Lost Girl

First the whole story plot about Rayner/The Wanderer was terribly confusing. I admit that I was a Lost Girl just trying to keep up with this season. The writers were kind of all over the place, or maybe I was doing too much multitasking while watching TV. Sure, we probably shouldn’t of had the demon escape (allegedly Bo’s father), but they could have used that as an extended plot (thinking on the lines of Supernatural here – how many times have they used a plot line through like 3 seasons?) and used it that way. Now, that doesn’t mean we would still have Hale – it would mean we would have Kenzi still. With that being said, from other things that I’ve read over the internet – it doesn’t mean that Kenzi (played by Ksenia Solo) is gone forever. Although I do anticipate this would be closely under wraps at the Showcase studios. Kenzi is a very loved character in the Lost Girl fandom, it would be terrible to see her go. Although, like many of the other sci-fi shows that I watch, sometimes they don’t really die or go away.

To explain, Supernatural has ghosts – Lost Girl hasn’t really showed “ghosts” much, but with the ideas of there being a limbo or afterlife – there could be points where Kenzi actually hangs out. I’m not completely sold that’s what they will do with the Kenzi character. It will likely be very challenging and we may not see Kenzi for several episodes. However, I really think and hope that Showcase doesn’t leak that Kenzi will be coming back – give us some suspense.

Obviously Tamsin will be on her way out soon, given that the wings of Valkyrie are the sign of the last year they will be alive. (According to Lost Girl lore.) Will S5 be her last season or will she be around for at least a couple? Hard to say. We haven’t really been told about the “life cycle” of the Valkyrie (or I just don’t remember).

Now that The Wanderer is out of the picture, what will happen to Bo and Lauren/Dyson? It’s been great seeing Lauren and Dyson become close friends over this season. Probably one of my favorite parts of S4, I swear my experience at ECCC 2014 had nothing to do with it. (Haha) Perhaps they can form a stronger poly-amorous relationship, although I know the teasers between Lauren/Dyson/Tamsin/etc. have been great for the fan-base to pick sides. Bo really seems to be gravitating towards a poly-amorous lifestyle.

We have gotten a confirmed guest appearance from Charisma Carpenter (popular as Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for Season 5. Charisma will be playing the popular Norse Goddess, Freyja. (Courtesy Huffington Post – Canada) It will be interesting to see how the Lost Girl writers and costume staff actually have this role in the series.

Well folks, those are my thoughts for today. Thanks for reading!



Emerald City Comicon 2014 Celebrity Guests – as of July 22

24 Jul Emerald City Comicon

Monday, July 21st – Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) announced that actor, Mark Sheppard, will be amongst the celebrity guests for the 2014 line-up. (Of course things can change, yadda yadda.)

I’m super excited for this announcement, being as I most recently have seen this actor on Supernatural (SPN) as his portrayal of the character “Crowley.” Crowley starts off as a crossroads-demon in the series, then eventually becomes the King of Hell. (*ahem* I apologize in advance if I got the starting off title wrong, I’m trying to do this from my memory and sometimes it fails me. Don’t sue me.)

It had been a few weeks or so since I checked the line-up and I was also happily surprised to see an old familiar face on the line-up as well! J. August Richards! I know him from the Angel series, as he portrayed Charles Gunn. The brute of Angel’s posse against Vampires and other mystical beings from Joss Whedon’s world.

Emerald City Comicon

Emerald City Comicon

The other celebrity guests mentioned on the ECCC website are:

Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver), Michael Biehn (The Terminator), Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (Dark Angel), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), & Dwight Schultz (A-Team, Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: First Contact)

PLEASE refer to ECCC’s website for all celebrity guests that are added or changed between now and the date of the con. We all know stuff can happen with our schedules, proof with last year as Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) had to cancel within the month or so before the con.

Oh and if you’re interested in volunteering – they are now accepting minion applications.

I might volunteer for 2014. If any year, it will probably be 2014. Well… maybe! Anyone out there volunteering?


Tuesday Treats!

23 Jul

In the Greater Seattle area, there’s currently a reason to celebrate Tuesdays! Well, at least for July. If you’ve gone out to the Cupcake Royale recently, then you likely know what’s going on.

Last month, they had a Sundae special on Sundays – sadly, I never got to participate in such an event. However, last week I was able to make their $2 Scoops Special! TUESDAYS only, for JULY ONLY … so that’s right – you better get on your bad motor scooter and ride! Because there’s only two more Tuesday’s left! That includes today!

Here’s what I got:

Double Scoop Action!

Double Scoop Action!

A Double Scoop on a Red Velvet Waffle Cone – because if it’s worth doing, honey it’s worth over doing! The first scoop is their Red Velvet ice cream and the one that tops the two-fer is their Oregon Hill Strawberry.

The Oregon Hill Strawberry was my first favorite! I was able to try it out when they were giving away scoops back on May 1st. I also bought a pint of the Whiskey Maple Bacon Crack, because that is my boyfriend’s favorite cupcake. (Sad that the cupcake is seasonal, because he told me that was the only cupcake that he wants to eat now. /sadpanda )

Their Strawberry is wonderfully done, it’s heavenly creamy with bursts of strawberry that make you really want to eat it all day long.

Their Whiskey Maple Bacon Crack is a little heavy toned on the Whiskey. Something they are known for with their cupcakes, if they are booze themed – they will have strong flavors of them. I honestly could barely choke down the scoop that I made for myself (later that day), I think my boyfriend was thrilled that the rest of the pint was his. I really just bought it for him anyway. Although I haven’t heard any requests to go pick up another pint, so I’m thinking he wasn’t totally crazy about it.

The Red Velvet is pretty good. Think Cookies n Cream but with Cupcake-chunks instead. It played nice with the cone, since it was a Red Velvet as well.

I really want to try other flavors. What flavors have you tried? Is there a flavor you absolutely love? All flavors can be found on Cupcake Royale’s website.


Baby Blueberry Brown Betty

I also tried a baby Blueberry Brown Betty – although I will have to try it again, because the ice cream totally messed with my palette and I can’t give a proper review on the cupcake.


Selling Comics

15 Jul

If you’re a comic collector and ever had to sell comics you might relate to this topic. Perhaps you bought a comic for more than face value, and now you want to part with it – how much do you sell it for?

A couple years back I did fairly well with selling some Harley Quinn comics – they were mostly just comics that she made an appearance in. Now, it’s come to a time where I’ll be selling those Harley Quinn series comics.

Why sell them? Honestly, I never read them. I was mostly a collector that was pretty much a hoarder. I’m learning that I don’t need these things. Being broke can cause a new outlook on life, as well as a few feng shui books (one in particular that focuses on de-cluttering – I highly Recommend This Book).

Including selling the Harley Quinn comics, I had picked up the re-occuring series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I found that honestly, if I just waited awhile – the Library would have them in a book format so I could read more of them at once. I liked that idea, plus you borrow them from the library and return them. Oh and if you aren’t late – there’s no fees. Bonus! Free books?! Awesome!

So yes, I’m selling the minor collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics too, but I’ve sorta read those.

If you’re interested in my comics – please go to my ebay account and check them out. I also have a couple of Aerosmith comics up for grabs as well.


Shadowman Comic featuring Aerosmith

I really have no idea if the prices that I posted them for are a respectable price or completely insane. If you have an idea, please comment or message me.

Heya Cupcake!

11 Jul

One of my little known obsessions these days are cupcakes. Thanks to them being the perfect size and I generally don’t feel guilty about eating several, which could be a problem in the long-term but… I don’t really care.

A couple years ago a friend of mine turned me onto a local (Seattle) cupcake shop called, Cupcake Royale. We’ve been making it a tradition to go there ever since. Of course, I’m not the only person she’s turned into a fan. I’ve been to a few other cupcake shops, but for me – nothing can compare.


Cupcake Royale’s Strawberry Rhubarb Cupcake

First – The Size. Other places seem to have smaller cupcakes in comparison to Cupcake Royale. Now if you’re trying to watch your waist-line maybe that’s good for you. Unfortunately, we’re paying about $3-4 per cupcake and I also like the best bang for my buck!

Second – The Frosting. There is a lavish dollop of frosting that reminds me of the perfect frosting from my childhood.

Third – The way I eat them. The mushroom-like top helps with this case. I actually think it’s weird that people don’t eat them this way – but I’ve been eating them this way for years now. (Thanks to my friend, she eats them the same way too)

How do we eat a Cupcake Royale cupcake?

First, you take the wrapper off. Then you take the top off. Yes, you remove the top part of the cupcake and set it aside. Now you eat the “base” it should be all cake – or if you have one that’s filled or mixed with fruit, it can be an interesting challenge. And at last – you eat the top.

This method I find is very balanced for my pallet.

Are you a Cupcake eater? How do you eat your Cupcake? Like a Reese’s – there really is no wrong way to eat a cupcake. (Except for maybe not eating a cupcake at all.)


Cupcake Royale’s July Cupcake of the Month – Blueberry Brown Betty

This current month, July, Cupcake Royale is running the Blueberry Brown Betty. I should have a review of this cupcake soon.Last month’s cupcake (a picture from above) – the Strawberry Rhubarb wasn’t that impressive. This cupcake is still being offered so I’ll offer some words about it. The compote is placed inside the cupcake, after what appears to be a complete hole was drilled through the cupcake and replaced with the compote. The flavors were alright but I was expecting something more like the Blackberry Buckle (which has been offered in the next coming months, in the past). In fact, I’m kinda hoping the Blueberry Brown Betty is like the Buckle. I really just need a Buckle fix.

Memes: Aury Moore Band

9 Jul

By now Memes are relatively old but still a hilarious feature on the internet, if done correctly. I’ll have to share a little more about Aury Moore later, but she’s a dear friend of mine. Anyway, my boyfriend was having a moment one evening where he was cranking his music, in typical fashion – but he discovered that his already – insanely loud stereo system went up EVEN louder. Because kids – 11 wasn’t loud enough.

Turns out the sound system actually goes up to BOOST 12 – however, when this first meme was created he only turned it up to BOOST 11.


This was an instant hit across our little group of Facebook friends. Later that night in dream land, I dreamt of more memes to create which lead to the birth of these ones below.





These were a fun bunch to make. I just released the last meme in the series today (“I pray that god takes you away”).

These are in good fun and remember to check out the Aury Moore Band‘s new CD – Here I am. Available for purchase at CD Baby!


The Case of the Chewie-Kitty Part Two

5 Jul

A little bit of an update from my previous post: The Case of the Chewie-Kitty

I tried the Hot Sauce, a very spicy blend that does contain a little vinegar. Mostly I wanted to go for a strong pepper. The initial reaction was very successful. In fact, I video taped it. She sneezed at the cable, upon wanting to chew.

I thought that maybe just doing this a couple times would completely solve my problem. Well no – and certainly I hope this will be more successful than Pavlov’s cat.

(Not Familiar with Pavlov’s cat? I was told about it in my Psychology class. However, I’ll let Eddie Izzard explain. See video: http://youtu.be/whwiMrBNWCA)

Oh and another thing – Hot Sauce dries and isn’t very effective after – or at least Zoey may have gotten an affection towards Hot Sauce now. The next thing would be to try these things: Protective covers, Aluminum Foil, canned air…. I mostly need something to detract for when we’re not around. Canned air is useful when we are around. I worked well for Hunter. Zoey was so timid that I think I was afraid to use it. I did things differently with her, and I think I may have done a few of them wrong. Time to correct the behavior before she dies due to being zapped from a power cord. I don’t think there’s a cord that she hasn’t chewed on in this house. That’s gonna be a lot of protective covers and/or aluminum foil.

Our other cat, Hunter, brought in a mouse on this past Sunday – it was alive. I had to tear up our home office to find the mouse and eventually trap it. The adventure took about 7 hours and I had to get a friend with very quick reaction time to actually trap it and release it. My new result is that I finally got to do the deep cleaning in the office that I wanted to do! So, Thanks Hunter.