Heya Cupcake!

11 Jul

One of my little known obsessions these days are cupcakes. Thanks to them being the perfect size and I generally don’t feel guilty about eating several, which could be a problem in the long-term but… I don’t really care.

A couple years ago a friend of mine turned me onto a local (Seattle) cupcake shop called, Cupcake Royale. We’ve been making it a tradition to go there ever since. Of course, I’m not the only person she’s turned into a fan. I’ve been to a few other cupcake shops, but for me – nothing can compare.


Cupcake Royale’s Strawberry Rhubarb Cupcake

First – The Size. Other places seem to have smaller cupcakes in comparison to Cupcake Royale. Now if you’re trying to watch your waist-line maybe that’s good for you. Unfortunately, we’re paying about $3-4 per cupcake and I also like the best bang for my buck!

Second – The Frosting. There is a lavish dollop of frosting that reminds me of the perfect frosting from my childhood.

Third – The way I eat them. The mushroom-like top helps with this case. I actually think it’s weird that people don’t eat them this way – but I’ve been eating them this way for years now. (Thanks to my friend, she eats them the same way too)

How do we eat a Cupcake Royale cupcake?

First, you take the wrapper off. Then you take the top off. Yes, you remove the top part of the cupcake and set it aside. Now you eat the “base” it should be all cake – or if you have one that’s filled or mixed with fruit, it can be an interesting challenge. And at last – you eat the top.

This method I find is very balanced for my pallet.

Are you a Cupcake eater? How do you eat your Cupcake? Like a Reese’s – there really is no wrong way to eat a cupcake. (Except for maybe not eating a cupcake at all.)


Cupcake Royale’s July Cupcake of the Month – Blueberry Brown Betty

This current month, July, Cupcake Royale is running the Blueberry Brown Betty. I should have a review of this cupcake soon.Last month’s cupcake (a picture from above) – the Strawberry Rhubarb wasn’t that impressive. This cupcake is still being offered so I’ll offer some words about it. The compote is placed inside the cupcake, after what appears to be a complete hole was drilled through the cupcake and replaced with the compote. The flavors were alright but I was expecting something more like the Blackberry Buckle (which has been offered in the next coming months, in the past). In fact, I’m kinda hoping the Blueberry Brown Betty is like the Buckle. I really just need a Buckle fix.


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